Course and project sites: Overview

What they are

Key concepts

Customization: You can choose from features and functions to create course and project sites that meet your needs. Here are some examples:

My Workspace: When you log in, you will automatically open a site called My Workspace. All users get their own My Workspace site.

Tabs: When you log in, the course and project sites to which you belong are displayed as tabs across the top of the screen. To enter a site, click its tab. If you belong to more sites than can be displayed as tabs, click - more - to access the rest.

You can choose to hide sites (e.g., course sites from previous semesters) or reorder them (i.e., choose which sites to display in tabs) using the Preferences tool in My Workspace; see Showing, hiding, and ordering course and project sites.

Menubar: Course sites and project sites can have just a few or several functions (including announcements, a schedule, an online discussion area, assignments, electronic resources, a chat area, and more). You can choose which tools to include in your site, and they are added to the menubar along the left side of the screen. To access a tool, click its name in the menubar. Sites also have a "home page", which you can access by clicking Home in the menubar.

Things to consider

Help documentation

For help documentation about course and project sites, see Course and project sites.